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Meditation Made Simple

Learn the skill of meditation and revolutionize your life. Reduce anxiety, relax and be happier.

Revolutionize your life with the help of  Guided Meditations for Beginners by SATORIO. These specially-designed spoken word tracks will jumpstart your meditation practice and guide you to a happier, more fulfilling life. Simply download today and press play…

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  • 1.Introduction to Meditation 4:56
  • 2.Intro to the Body Awareness Meditation 1:38
  • 3.Body Awareness Guided Meditation 11:33
  • 4.Body Awareness Guided Meditation with Relaxing Music 4:02
  • 5.Intro to the Mindfulness Meditation 14:11
  • 6.Mindfulness Guided Meditation 1:43
  • 7.Mindfulness Guided Meditation with Relaxing Music 10:39
  • 8.Intro to the Metta Meditation 6:51
  • 9.Metta Guided Meditation 11:33
  • 10.Metta Guided Meditation with Relaxing Music 14:07
  • 11.Timeout: A Bonus Guided Meditation to De-Stress 10:39
  • meditation-body-awarness.png

    Body Awareness

    Practice relaxing your body from toe to head

  • maditation-midfulness.png

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Learn to be present with the most popular meditation on the planet

  • maditation-meta.png

    Metta Meditation

    Build empathy, cultivate better relationships and be happier

  • maditation-bonus-timeout.png

    BONUS Timeout

    Stressed out? Treat yourself to a Timeout!

Success Stories

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    I have been practicing guided meditation for over a year and this is one of the best collections I have found. I would recommend this to beginner and advanced meditators. Excellent album.

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    Staff Stress Relief

    I purchased this for my entire staff. It is perfect for beginners to learn how to experience the benefits of meditation.

  • stars

    Lis Chr.

    This album is a brilliantly simple introduction to meditation. Being a novice meditator myself, I got this after a day full of drama, and it was just what the doctor ordered. The narration is very soothing, as is the optional music and sound effects, and while these meditations are very basic and easy to do, they are not overbearing or in any way incomplete.

25 %


$9.99 $7.49

and start meditating right away

Valid Until 30 August


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